• 26 Cosmetics (4 Skins), Explorer Emilie, Arctic Adeline, Guff Gringle, Sled Ready Guff, Original Email Access, PC/PSN/XBOX
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    Offer description
    Account Details:
    26 Cosmetics.
    4 Skins.
    0 V-Bucks.
    No Games played.
    No Purchases in EGS.
    Original (First) Email Access.
    You can change Password and Email.
    Email can be changed right after the Purchase — You don't need to wait for 3 Months.

    1. Explorer Emilie
    2. Arctic Adeline
    3. Guff Gringle
    4. Sled Ready Guff

    Other Cosmetics:
    1. Chapter 4 Island Theme
    2. Fa-la-la-Llama
    3. Ribbon Trail
    4. Lil' Prancer
    5. Boom Bauble
    6. Har-Har-Har!
    7. Wintry Whirligig
    8. Gringle Gift
    9. Slushy Sneak
    10. Fractured Melody
    11. When the Wind Blows
    12. Rip & Tear (2016)
    13. Sledgecracker
    14. Slush-Faced
    15. Season's Guffings
    16. Naughty or Nice?
    17. Badge of Glory
    18. Winning Streak
    19. Flakes Grin
    20. Clawz Retro
    21. Chapter 5 Island Theme
    22. Greebles

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