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Buy Forza Horizon 4 Credits at RSVSR.

Forza Horizon 4 Credits is used as currency in game. In the game, you earn FH4 credits by winning races. These credits are used to buy cars and high-performance gears that are used for upgrades. In addition, they’re also used to pay for repairs. More FH4 credits mean more cars, and more amazing racing experience. So Buy Forza Horizon 4 credits is very necessary if you want to enjoy Forza Horizon 4. Here at RSVSR, we have enough FH4 credits in stock. Whenever you shot for Forza Horizon 4 money in game, please do not hesitate to buy cheap FH4 credits from us.

Purchase and trade FH4 credits at RSVSR.

  • Log in or register as an user on RSVSR.
  • Choose the amount you want and submit your order. Be sure you input the right gamertag.
  • Pay for your order.
  • Post your cars in auction house till reaching the specified credits you ordered. ( more than 1 million each car is recommended )
  • Once we bought the car, you will be informed through the auction house that the purchase has been a success.
  • Collect the credits and confirm the delivery.

Trading Forza Horizon 4 notes:

  • When you buy FH4 credits less than 10M, just post a car on auction house and set buyout to the specified amount you ordered.
  • When you ordered FH4 credits 10M or 11M, you can post a HE car and set the buyout to 10M or 11M.
  • When you purchase FH4 credits more than 11M, you can post more HE cars till reach the amount you purchased.
  • When you post many cars on auction house, we will buy randomly to reach the credits you ordered. Or you can tell us which cars to buy.
  • Please set the duration to 24 hours. And you need pay 15% auction fees.

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