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  • image of Chaos Orb

    Chaos Orb

    PS / Ultimatum SC


  • image of Exalted Orb

    Exalted Orb

    PS / Ultimatum SC


  • image of Orb of Fusing

    Orb of Fusing

    PS / Ultimatum SC


  • image of Blessed Orb

    Blessed Orb

    PS / Ultimatum SC


  • image of Orb of Regret

    Orb of Regret

    PS / Ultimatum SC


  • image of Gemcutter's Prism

    Gemcutter's Prism

    PS / Ultimatum SC


  • image of Jeweller's Orb

    Jeweller's Orb

    PS / Ultimatum SC


  • image of Orb of Alteration

    Orb of Alteration

    PS / Ultimatum SC


  • image of Chromatic Orb

    Chromatic Orb

    PS / Ultimatum SC


  • image of Orb of Scouring

    Orb of Scouring

    PS / Ultimatum SC


  • image of Divine Orb

    Divine Orb

    PS / Ultimatum SC


  • image of Tabula Rasa Simple Robe

    Tabula Rasa Simple Robe

    PS / Ultimatum SC


  • image of Orb of Regal

    Orb of Regal

    PS / Ultimatum SC


  • image of Orb of Chance

    Orb of Chance

    PS / Ultimatum SC


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POE is a role-playing game developed by Grinding Gear Games. The 1384 talent points, 261 skill gems, and 1,626 random attributes provide a nearly unlimited outfitting experience and treasure hunting fun. With the highly-anticipated release of the Echoes of the Atlas expansion, players are getting all of their PoE currency and items gathered to get the best start in the new league.

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