Our company mainly controls the legitimacy of the digital products sold by sellers by the following measures:
1.The corporate representative draft the seller's credit system.
1.1 For merchants or individuals selling digital products on our website for the first time, the observation period is 90 days. They can only withdraw 70% of the revenue within 30 days.
1.2 For merchants or individuals who have no bad records during the observation period, they will be transferred as sincere partners after 90 days and they can withdraw 90% of the revenue within 30 days.
1.3 The sellers who trigger database system's fraud risk or manually started risk reminders, we will freeze their withdrawal behaviors temporarily before the after-sales departments verify.
1.4 For the irregular seller, we will never cooperate and freeze their funds. At the same time, we will refund money to buyers and the sellers' products will not be available on our website.
2. The after-sales department in charge of risk control.
We never sell potentially stolen digital products in order to maintain the company's reputation. The verification measures are as follows:
2.1 Keep in touch with PayPal to follow and handle illegal products.
2.2 Regularly check seller's historical sales record. We refer to the market prices to ensure the sale prices are reasonable.
2.3 If sellers sell new products, we will observe their market information feedback and transaction.
2.4 For the products that trigger risk warning, we handle it referring to the market situation, PayPal feedback, product attributes, and sales prices.
2.5 For the irregular sellers, the after-sales will follow and handle timely.
3. The customer service department executes verification system when the seller publishes the digital product.
3.1 The customer service department verify the seller information when their product prices are beyond 10 dollars.
3.2 The customer service department verify the new sellers to ensure that their fraud risk, IP address, identification certificate, bank card, business license and so on are not related or duplicated with the existed ones in our database.
3.3 The after-sales department follow and handle possibly illegal products reflected by buyers instantly.
4. The technical department in charge of supporting database system.
We developed a database system to record the information of individuals or organizations that publish products, including customer contact email, customer PayPal mailbox, login IP address, telephone number, registration address, etc.
The system requires individuals or organizations publishing products for the first time to provide information, including identification certification, settlement of bank card information, business license, corporate representative identity, corporate representative card information.
Risk warning system (divided into automatically trigger and manually start):
4.1 The after-sales department manually start the risk warning and suspend the transaction once detecting illegal or potentially illegal products. Then they will contact the seller and the buyer to verify the transaction and decide whether to continue the transaction or refund referring to the illegal product catalog.
4.2 After the buyer files the PayPal case, the database system automatically identifies the seller as a scammer, and the after-sales department will follow up.
4.3 The risk warning will be triggered automatically once the seller's IP changes, and the customer service department will contact the seller to verify whether it is done by himself.